AUG 2016

Dear Friends,
The senior population is drastically changing.  The current and future 60+ population will be stronger, more active and more demanding of services and facilities which they can choose to use or not use.  The new group of seniors will be looking at how to spend the third/third of their lives.  They will now have as many years in retirement as they did in childhood and their working lives.  Columbia County Seniors have chosen to use the Lifestyle Enrichment Center in Lake City and Ft. White because they serve their needs for exercise, education, recreation, transportation and fellowship.  The agency also serves the needs of caregivers and the 60+ who find themselves more confined to home.  CCSS is celebrating the third year of operation of The Club – a Dementia Specific Adult Day Care Center.   We cannot always determine how we will age – but we all must do it! Aging is not about being poor.  Aging is about loss…loss of strength; loss of a support system; and loss of independence.  We focus on what you can do and not what you cannot do. At the LEC we focus on providing the facility, the equipment and the staff to make you the best you can be regardless of your calendar age.  
Your Friend,
Deborah B. Freeman
Executive Director
Tony Buzzella provided the music and entertainment. Tony is seen here playing his clarinet.  His music was awesome and everyone had an opportunity to dance and enjoy socializing and dinner together while hearing familiar and favorite songs.
A Moomlight Seranade was the theme for the prom with silver decorations and stars about the room. Formals and tuxedos graced the dance floor on the over 98 guests until late night.
The highlight of the evening was the crowning of the prom king and Queen.  The couple are engaged to be married.  They are Mary Mader and George Rowe.  This was a very special evening that left everyone happy to have been at the LEC.  Plans are being made to hold a spring prom in 2017.
Fresh New Website
The Lifestyle Enrichment Center has a brand new website with the new logo and many new informational features.  We want our community to know how to reach us for help and support.  Our many services are depicted in this new site as well as the many ways you can help us to sustain these important services for everyone.  Families who need assistance and the 60+ folks in our community who want to enjoy their third third of life at the LEC are encouraged to visit this site. Please visit the site and send us your feedback.
Mary Wilson
       As told by her Niece, Angela, who also lives with her.
Mary Wilson was born, June 9, 1927, in South Carolina to Theodore Wilson, Sr. and Luciana Wilson as the oldest of 13 children. She attended Richardson High School in Lake City and worked at home washing dishes and cleaning clothes.  Keeping a clean house is one of her favorite things to do.   She has always loved children and been a great babysitter for her siblings. She enjoys traveling to South Caroline by train and to Daytona to visit her sister, also to Ft. Pierce to visit another sister.  She loves the train rides.  Besides keeping her house sparkling and washing the dishes as soon as they get dirty, she loves church. DON’T  MAKE  HER  LATE  FOR  CHURCH!  She wants to be on time!  Often, she is there before the doors open and is the first one inside.  At the Lifestyle Enrichment Center, she thoroughly enjoys the games and winning prizes. Mary has a sweet personality and is a joy and help to her family.

Sheldon Merritt, Teller, Dottie Spence, Head Teller, Deborah Freeman, Executive Director, Bonnie Flynn, Development Director, LEC, Maggie Bennett, Branch Manager, Justine Dicks, Anchor

The Ameris Bank staff presented the contributions from its customers to the Lifestyle Enrichment Center Executive Director, Deborah B. Freeman to purchase rocking chairs for The Club members. The daycare unit provides special activities and socializtion to people with dementia and Alzheimer’s disease while caregivers have an opportunity for respite.  We thank those customers who made this wonderful gift possible.

The Annual Campaign will be on hiatus until December 1, 2016 to honor the United Way of Suwannee Valley campaign black out period. We will resume our campaign activities at that time to conduct the Annual Fund Campaign. The funds raised will provide the necessary and very basic equipment such as computers, telephones and necessary staff enhancements to care for people. CCSS is an essential organization in Columbia County helping keep people 60+ well and independent in the Third Third of their lives. If you would like to help support the Third Third please go to or you may click the button below.
We thank the following who are “SUPPORTING THE THIRD THIRD”: Lorraine Zarrella, Charles Peeler, Bonnie M. Flynn, Odom, Moses & Co/Raymond James, Vanessa Lawton, Carol Shepard, Dawn Johns, David & Renee Cobb, Sam & Tammy Hall, Milner Osborne, Larry Moseley, Roger & Alice Whiddon, Barbara Swearingen, Florida Power & Light, Sallie Whiddon, Robinson, Kennon & Kendron, PA, James Montgomery, Roger Whiddon Construction, John Kendron,  Deborah Rhoades, Deborah Freeman,  Audrey Bullard, Ben & Cammy Scott, Renee’ Faulkner, John A. Kasak, State Farm Ins., SW Ga. Oil/SS Foods, New Millenium, John & Sandy Furches, John O’Neal, O’Neal Construction, Sammie J. Everett, Daniel C. Green,  LEC Staff, and Irv Crowetz, C/C and Assoc., Inc., Kathleen Verchick, John O’Neal  (O’Neal Companies), Celestine Levy, Dawn Layton, Helmy Ehrler, Susan Mytych, Carol Metcalf, Natha L. Barrington, Sharon Turner, Robert and Carol Sheridan, Anonymous donors, Raelene B. Hood, Mary M. Petry, Raelene Hood,Anonymous, Jessie Birchard, David John Birchard,
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Dr. Patricia Tayao, Anneliese Graves, Vern & Maureen Lloyd, Evelyn Park.