August Newsletter 2020

We are Open!


Dementia Specific

Adult Day Program

The CLUB has a new director

Welcome Katharine White

  • To reinvigorate a person’s feelings of usefulness, capacity to celebrate life and socialization
  • Maintain optimal mental functioning and cognition for persons with Dementia 
  • Help the Caregiver by providing support, counseling and training to cope with the care and responsibilities of a loved one

             Services                                                                                                 Therapies

        Healthcare monitoring                                                                                    Pet Therapy

           Reality Orientation                                                                                        Touch

          Nutrition/Hydration                                                                                       Humor

         Incontinence/Toileting Program                                                                   Music

           Caregiver Education                                                                                       Reminiscence


We are practicing social distancing and have other policies in place to ensure the

health and safety of our clients.

Katharine is very excited to have past members and new members attending. There are movie days, theme days, outside activities, dancing, singing and lots of food and drinks available! If you know someone that would benefit in joining The Club, please call Katharine at 386-755-0235 x 106, or you may email