OCT 2016

Dear Friends,
Can you believe that we are in the last third of 2016? When we are busy and active time seems to just fly by! In a rural area like Columbia County, while time flies by in some ways it seems to stop in other ways. When you are with the same group of people from the first day of school for the rest of your life

you never seem to notice the passing of the years. I am blessed to still have my mother and all of my brothers and sisters. I still think of my youngest sister (63) as “the baby”. My two brothers (66 & 67)
are still “the Boys”. Mama (91) is still “the Boss”.  Continuity in our relationships is a wonderful thing. It means that we have people who love us and know us. We have a shared history of joys (weddings, births) and sorrows (illness and death). We have a strong support system. What a blessing!
For some, however, this strong support system does not exist. Some people are alone in this world

when having a support system is so critical. Who is there to make repairs to their home? How do they get groceries and supplies when they no longer drive? Who is there to provide comfort and care to the elder who is sick and alone?  This joyous and blessed time of year is very hard on people who have lost
the loved ones who populate their memories. Do you have a neighbor or older friend who could use
a little extra love and comfort?  Stop by and say “hello”; take them some holiday cheer and just spend time with them.
The Board and Staff of Columbia County Senior Services, Inc. appreciates your support of services to senior adults in Columbia County.
Your Friend,
Deborah B. Freeman
Executive Director
Diane Holbrook
Diane Holbrook personifies what a volunteer is to the LEC. She has given her time freely to help our seniors create crafts and special hand designed projects. She gets involved personally in not only teaching, but in getting all of the materials necessary to complete the job. Diane says, “I have been volunteering since I was 4 years old.” Diane  is a world traveler with her husband who served in the military overseas.  But her personal hobbies also include collecting and caring for dogs. They soon become a major part of her family.  She likes to collect antiques and keeps an eye out for fine jewelry.  Her volunteering includes serving others at the Hospice Attic and County Coordinator for Special Olympics.  She enjoys volunteering and gets to meet many interesting people. We salute you Diane Holbrook.

The Fort White Center is ready for Fall. Thanks to Fort White Farm & Feed and Lamar and Doug Mosley for the  hay  bales used to decorate the front entrance.  Please drop by to see how nice it looks. 

There are many treasures in the Heirloom Gift Shoppe making great gifts for anyone.  The special items have been hand made and when you purchase a gift you help a senior who has made the item.  The senior receives 90% of the proceeds of the sale. Stop by today and take a  look.
The Club at the Lifestyle Enrichment Center provides day care for family members affected by dementia and Alzheimer’s. Each day begins at  “The Club” with the pledge of allegiance, followed by a daily devotional. Then everyone participates in morning chair exercises. These activities help get the bodies and brains active. At least twice each day everyone takes a hydration break followed by cognitive exercises.  An orientation board of the date and season of the year is discussed along with what’s happening in our local community and a review  of the daily newspaper stories. Cognitive skills are very important and everyone has an opportunity to work on math, language arts, history and science activities. Lunch is a special time for conversation and relaxing before an afternoon of games and horse shoes. Some people nap and relax while others listen to funny stories.  One guest explains “the newspaper discussion and current events is the best part of my day.” Arts and crafts and sing-a-longs top off the day before everyone returns home to family.  The most important feelings they take with them is feeling happy, successful and being valued.  The Club is surely where Life is Celebrated  Everyday.”
The Lifestyle Enrichment Center is seeking skilled people who want to make a difference and donate 4 hours of their time once a week to serve in special jobs at the Center. We are seeking an Activities Assistant as well as someone toassist in The Club. We also are looking for volunteers who will help as computer techs, public relations support, public speakers, woodworking specialists.  These positions are filled once each week so we need more people to fill the positions on other days during the five day week.  The process begins with an interview with the Volunteer Coordinator and the job supervisor.  Once you are on board there will be a volunteer orientation and training. You will be able to interact with our consumers and our staff.  The pay while not in cash will be priceless as it allows you to use the experience and skills you have achieved. Visit our website and see what we do and who we are then give us a call at 386-755-0235.
The Extended Family Services (EFS) offers a helping hand to seniors and anyone who may require service to meet personal care needs.  When Mary who lives in Texas found that her elderly father who lives in Lake City needed help she called EFS.  Mary and the family who all lived out of the area were not able to care for father the way they would like. Mary called EFS for assistance and was able to request meals and care services to help her father. This gave her some peace of mind knowing he would be given care.  Soon three Certified Nursing Assistants alternated schedules to provide services at the father’s home every day, seven days a week to fix him a hot meal and sit with him and do some homemaking.  Mary receives updates regularly about her father. Mary is grateful that the Extended Family Services is there for her father. If you are in need of EFS please call Nancy at 386-755-0235 Ext. 120.
Over 20 local businesses came to the Lifestyle Enrichment Center for the Wealth of Information Fair. We thank them for attending and sharing with us about their services. Those businesses that participated are Haven Hospice, Kindred At Home, Community Concerts,Hearing Solutions Care, Aging Resources, Three Rivers Legal Services, Raymond James/Odom & Moses, My Florida License, Florida Health, Neighborhood Nutrition, Life South, United Way of Suwannee Valley, Therapeutic Massage, Willowbrook Assisted Living, Baya, Cornerstone Home Care, North Florida Guardian, Awareness Blooming, C/C and Associates, Inc.