Here at Columbia County Senior Services we offer low-cost Client Directed Care. This means you can choose the type of care needed with each visit. Seniors age 60+ are able to get the care they need without having to leave the comfort of their own home. We strive to make sure our clients get the best service found in Columbia County!

We offer:


Staff members will come out and help tidy your home to your specifications. Kitchen, bathroom, meal prep, laundry, etc…

Personal Care

Help getting ready for the day either getting clothes out, brushing/combing hair, bathing, meal prep, etc…


Walks around the property, conversations, a game of cards,rides to the store, etc…

All EFS staff members are dedicated to providing you and your family with care as if they were an extension of your family.

• All employees are drug tested

• All employees are background screened

• All CNA’s are licensed and bonded

If interested please reach out to out reach out:

Kim Glover

Director of Development

(386) 755-0235 ext 107